Otter Legal


Otter Legal provides process serving of legal documents, court filing and private investigations. They are willing to go the extra mile and complete complicated jobs with lots of background experience.

They were looking for a re-brand of their previous logo, which didn’t have a clean and modern look. The logo needed to be memorable, stand out and look professional.

The icon created displays an ‘O’ and ‘L’, knocked out of a circle. The typeface was tightly kerned so the letters merged together, and parts of the anatomy were pulled out of the circle. Creating an abstract, yet understandable visual. This created a contemporary and robust image which can be used on its own as a graphic element for future marketing.

Baskerville, a traditional typeface was used because of its beautiful contrast between thick & thin strokes. Used in combination with Franklin Gothic, a clean and powerful sans-serif. The two typefaces compliment each other perfectly.

Cobalt blue and light grey were chosen for the branding colour palette. Cobalt blue evokes a feeling of intelligence and professionalism. Light grey compliments the blue well as neutral and timeless.

Otter Legal Logo - Work In Progress

Otter Legal Logo

Otter Legal Business Cards