Fellowship Christian Reformed Church

Vision Statement:
A fellowship rooted in Biblical faith. We share the love of Jesus Christ, reaching out to one another and to the communities in which God has placed us.

Fellowship Christian Reformed Church was looking to rebrand themselves, they were looking to attract those in the community to join them for worship. They envisioned a rebrand to visually show their desire to build community and offer love and service as a reflection of God’s love. While their roots are in the Reformed tradition, their vision was to build a fellowship that truly includes all the diversity in Etobicoke.

We decided using a circle as the base of Fellowship’s icon helps symbolize wholeness and unity. ‘God is a circle whose centre is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere’ -Hermes Trismegistus.

To keep the icon simple, modern and memorable we placed the ‘fc’ on the right-hand side of the circle, creating a look that is asymmetric yet still balanced. Adding a bit of flat, we added an abstract illustration of an object which could be seen as a leaf or flame. This added illustration helps balance and center the icon.

The typeface used in the logo is Gotham Medium, using a combination of lower and upper-case lettering. Using Gotham increases readability thanks to its high x-height and wide apertures.

The colour theory for Fellowship is a beautiful teal to visually show serenity, as well as renewal, life, and energy. As a secondary colour a light grey used to help balance the colours together.


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