Encore Thrift Store

Encore Thrift Store is a voluntary, non-profit, non-denominational organization, operating a thrift shop to benefit the general public by providing used good and other items for sale.

The logo was created to be modern and eye-catching. using Helvetica makes the logo look strong and everlasting. By creating contrast and interest with the ‘c’ and ‘o’ in an organic and fluid way, the logo stays timeless. Blue was selected to show the consumer that the thrift store is an honest reliable non-profit organization and orange showcases that Encore is optimistic about the future and is affordable to everyone.

Keeping Encore’s branding clean and simple all their print material has a common theme: infinity symbol with arrows, orange, blue and lots of white space.



It is important to me to support the community by volunteering my time and unique skills to local non-profit organizations.